Environmentally friendly water treatment

With the first-rate MOL technologies

 drop of water

With the MOL technologies you can reach

More efficiency

More safety

Clean systems

Longer  lifetime

Hygienic standards

Improved plant performance

Technological operational safety

and all theese goals with less effort.

The MOL®LIK-Technology


The biocide-free MOL-LIK-Technology restores the natural balance of your water.

If you use water in technical processes, you change the physical properties of the water by using structures  which are otherwise responsible for the dissolution of substances (eg, lime and salts), or you create an excess of dissolving structures which do not stop to dissolve the material of your plant.

The consequences are flocculation, corrosion, poorer heat transitions, more frequently filter changes, …… your system loses performance and is no longer fully operational.

To avoid these conditions, the MOL-LIK process restores the natural balance of the water.

Typical applications for the MOL-LIK-Technology are:


Power plants

Climatic engineering

public Swimming pools

Filter and membrane technology

… and many other water-using-systems

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The MOL®CLEAN-Technology

The MOL CLEAN process reliably and permanently removes biofilms and deposits even in complex plants

Your benefits:

Clean systems

Hygienic Standards

Technological operational safety

Functionality of the MOL-CLEAN-procedure
Functionality of the MOL-CLEAN-Technology

Typical applications for the MOL-CLEAN-Technology are:

power plants

Climatic engineering

Restoring water-bearing systems

… and many other water-bearing systems


Since 1995 the MOL Katalysatortechnik GmbH has developed economically interesting technologies.


6 April 1995:

Foundation of the MOL Research Corporation (MOL Forschungsgesellschaft) for Metals, Oxides und Alloys, based in Mücheln, with an office in Schkopau.



  • Renamed MOL Katalysatortechnik GmbH
  • Ensuring hygienically correct handling of humidifiers in air conditioning systems with the help of the MOL®CLEAN-process
  • Relocation of the headquarters from Mücheln to Merseburg while keeping the Schkopau office.
  • ThyssenKrupp VDM supports the sale of MOL®-products



  • Ensuring economical and enviromentally friendly water treatment in cooling circuits using the MOL®CLEAN-process
  • Getting international
  • Organizing the Merseburg MOL®CLEAN-Days



  • Development of water treatment completely free of chemicals (MOL®LIK-process)
  • Member of the VDMA (Association of German Machine and Plant Builders)

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