MOL catalyst technology from Merseburg across the pond – The MOL Katalysatortechnik GmbH in the press

On 2016/09/22 the German newspaper Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (MZ) has published an interesting article about the international relations of MOL Katalysatortechnik GmbH with its biocide-free water treatment process – MOL LIK -.


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MOL catalyst technology from Merseburg across the pond – on 2016/09/22 (only  available in german)

Award: Process ensures safe bathing – The MOL Katalysatortechnik GmbH in the press

“In the public indoor swimming pool of Merseburg the innovative mol-Lik process of MOL Katalysatortechnik ensures for a long time safe bath pleasure. “LIK” stands for light-induced catalysis. Light therefore supports the cleaning process, developed by CEO Dr. Jürgen Koppe and his team, which operates with the aid of ultra-thin mineral-metal foils. ”


1st International MerWaterDays – September 14 / 15, 2016

MerWaterDaysClean water is essential for a healthy life and well-being.

Maintaining this is equally important to many industries and production processes. However, water resources are under pressure due to human activities, with safe utilization of water constantly at risk, due in part to flood disasters, epidemics, infections, and the emergence of multi-resistant germs.

Water research is an ongoing international effort. The development and transfer of new knowledge, including practical conclusions gained from it, remains a worldwide challenge.

In Merseburg, a novel technology which has led to both a deeper fundamental understanding of the underlying reaction mechanisms and practical ways of treating water using minimal amounts of chemicals, was discovered nearly 10 years ago. Since then this technology has evolved into a multidisciplinary effort bringing safe, clean, and efficient water treatment solutions to many applications.

The aim of the 1st International MerWaterDays is to discuss the current status and knowledge of this technology and present examples and applications. A major emphasis is put on the discussion and interpretation of mechanisms and processes taking place within the water, and how this understanding will influence future research, development, as weil as create new opportunities. Lectures and discussions will be complemented by practical examples which demonstrate the use and performance of the technology.


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The community is the key: The MOL Katalysatortechnik GmbH is an “Excellent place” in the country of ideas

With the project “Our Water for today and tomorrow” – Chemical-

Deutschland Land der Ideen - Ausgezeichneter Ort 2016
Deutschland Land der Ideen – Ausgezeichneter Ort 2016

free water treatment the MOL Katalysatortechnik GmbH is one of the 100 lucky winners of the contest “excellent places in the country of ideas” in 2016.

Under the motto “neighborhood creates innovation – Community as model for success”, the project “excellent places in the country of ideas”  provides an convincing answer to the question how collective action can provide innovative solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. With the competition commend the initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas” and the German Bank pioneering ideas that exploit the potential of neighborhood within the meaning of community, cooperation and networking, thus creating added value for society to solve current or future challenges.
Among approximately 1,000 applications the project with the title “Our water for today and tomorrow” – Chemical-free water treatment was chosen by a jury as one of 100 excellent places in Germany.

MOL gets the Hugo-Junkers-Award 2015

74 candidates were nominated as the most innovative company for the Hugo-Junkers-Price Sachsen-Anhalt. On 12.15.2015 the MOL Katalysatortechnik GmbH and 14 other companys gets awarded by the Hugo-Junkers-Price in Merseburg Ständehaus.

hugo junkers preis 2015 Produktentwicklung Platz3

The Mitteldeutsche Zeitung  reported this online 12/15/2015 (the article is only available in german):

Hugo-Junkers-Forschungspreis 15 innovative Unternehmen und Einrichtungen in Merseburg gekürt – vom 15.12.2015

The MOL-process abroad: The hot water supply of Kirovsk

Die Warmwasserversorgung von Kirowsk wird nun durch die  frei von Gerüchen gehalten. Hiezu gab es folgenden Fernsehbeitrag im Russischen Nationalfernsehen:

The hot water supply of Kirovsk is now held free of odours by the MOL-LIK-technology. Hence the Russian national television had sent the following TV report:

Source and Copyright: YouTube, Russian National Television

Whatch the video on YouTube

Columbus from Merseburg fights against germs – The MOL Katalysatortechnik GmbH in the press

With the title “Kolumbus aus Merseburg kämpft gegen Keime” (Columbus from Merseburg fights against germs) an article about the MOL Katalysatortechnik GmbH has been made available online on Mitteldeutsche Zeitung  04/28/2015 (the article is only available in german):

Mol Katalysatortechnik GmbH Kolumbus aus Merseburg kämpft gegen Keime 28.04.2015 – MZ-WEB.DE